In The FMCG / CPG / FMCD industry, the Coverage Planning Thro’ P J P (Permanent Journey Plan) aligned to work on FreshOrders SFA (Sales Force Automation App) and its Analytics as Dashboard is an effective way to Manage Field Field Sales Operations. An unique Concept of “Catch People Doing The Right” to Reward / Recognise and to Motivate the entire Team to improve Team Performance is made possible with this integrated approach.

So, the 3 components to work in tandem are:

  • FreshOrders SFA App.
  • Permanent Journey Plan (PJP) – customized
  • Analytics (Dash Board) to capture “Catch People doing The Right”- for rewarding / Motivation / Retain Talent and Team Building

Customised PJP Workshop is Offered as complimentary to integrate with Mobile App for FreshOrders SFA subscribers.

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APP-titude to Enhance Attitude of Mobile Sales Force! #fmcg, #CPG, #B2B